Cisco IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 12

1. Which virtual memory attribute is the only one a technician should change?

2. Which Windows XP utility is used to partition and format hard drives?
*Disk Management

3. A technician boots a Windows XP computer that has an incorrect driver loaded for the video adapter card. How can the technician revert to a previous driver?
*Select the video adapter card in Device Manager, select the Driver tab, and click Roll back driver from Properties.

4. A user wishes to dual boot Windows XP and Windows Vista on a computer with a single hard drive. Which advice should the technician provide the user?
*It is necessary to create a second partition and install Vista into the second partition.

5. A technician is setting up an e-mail client for a customer. Which two protocols can the technician select to retrieve e-mails from the e-mail server? (Choose two.)

6. What are two reasons for creating two partitions? (Choose two.)
*separate data files and operating system
*allow the computer to be dual booted

7. Which information is backed up when a restore point is created?
*system and Registry information only

8. What is a common cause of the Invalid Boot Disk error?
*There is a non-bootable floppy disk in the floppy drive.

9. A technician is having trouble repairing a difficult Windows XP problem. The usual quick-fix solutions did not work and there are no obvious clues found in either Device Manager or Event Viewer. What two actions should the technician try next? (Choose two.)
*Check any manuals relating to the hardware and software.
*Check the Internet for possible solutions.

10. Which action should be taken to start the defragment utility when using the Windows XP Category View?
*Double-click My Computer, right-click the disk to defragment, and choose Properties > Tools > Defragment Now.

11. In Windows XP which file determines the prompt that a user sees during the boot process when multiple operating systems are present?

12. Which action configures Windows Explorer to display file extensions?
*Choose Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View, uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types check box.

13. A video-file editor defragments the hard drive on his computer every month to ensure continuing optimal performance. How can the editor ensure that the defragmentation occurs every month?
*Add Defrag to Scheduled Tasks in System Tools.

14. Which two pieces of information are required when configuring Automatic Updates for Windows XP? (Choose two.)

15. When configuring Windows XP, which setting configures a service to run every time a computer is started?

16. Which two locations are commonly used in Windows for temporary files? (Choose two.)

17. What is the most common cause of blue screen errors?
*device driver errors

18. A user has observed that the performance of the hard disk has degraded over time. What is the first thing a user should do to improve performance?
*Defragment the hard disk.

19. Which Windows XP Professional installation uses a Sysprep file?
*image-based installation

20. What is a feature that Internet browsers provide to improve performance when accessing recently visited websites?
*caching recently accessed pages

21. While attempting to run an application, a user receives an error message indicating that a required RPC service is unavailable. The user determined that the RPC server is functioning properly. Which action should be tried next by the user?
*Restart the service.

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