Cisco IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 15

1. A new employee needs to transfer files to the corporate FTP server. However, the employee is unable to log in to the FTP server. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
*The employee is using an incorrect username or password.

2. Which two protocols are used to receive e-mail? (Choose two.)

3. A user is receiving e-mail on a regular basis from a particular person. A problem occurs when the e-mail from this same person contains an attachment. What is one solution?
*Request that the person sending the e-mail attach only one picture per e-mail message.

4. ABC Computer Company is in the process of planning a network for a new client. A network technician has been asked to perform a physical inspection of the facilities to determine the flow of data and protocols required by the client. What is this inspection called?
*site survey

5. In Internet Explorer, after choosing Tools and then Internet Options, which tab would a user select to set the browser to prompt before downloading potentially unsafe content?

6. When planning the network in a new building, the technician notes that the company requires cabling that can extend up to 295 ft (90 m) with enhanced bandwidth support at an affordable price. Which cable type will the technician pick if he chooses the most common type of cabling used on networks?

7. A user is reporting intermittent loss of connectivity to the network. No other users have reported similar issues. What preventive maintenance task would likely identify the problem?
*Check for a damaged network cable at the user workstation

8. Students on the college network need to be able to view folder names and data in files stored on the Windows-based file server, but should never be allowed to add or save information on the server. Occasionally, the students also need to run media programs to watch videos stored on the server. Which permission should the network technician assign to the students accessing the file server?

9. The network technician is researching the best way to connect the branch offices to the main office. What are three main considerations that the technician should remember when choosing an Internet connection? (Choose three.)

10. A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration?
*Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.

11. Which three ports are used by SMTP, POP, and IMAP? (Choose three.)

12. A technician is troubleshooting a networked computer. The technician has gathered as much information as possible from the user and now needs to verify obvious issues. Which two actions should the technician perform? (Choose two.)
*Verify the computer IP information
*Check activity on the routers.

13. Which two hazards exist when working with fiber optic cabling? (Choose two.)
*glass splinters

14. A company purchases several wireless NICs at a great price. After installing the NICs, they find that the user cannot connect to the 2.4 GHz wireless network. What is a likely cause of the problem?
*The NICs are designed for the 802.11a standard.

15. Which statement is true about network maintenance?
*If a network device is making an unusual sound, the device should be turned off immediately.

16. Which protocol provides secure transport of data from the company web server to remote users?

17. A technician is concerned that a wireless router is missing current security features. What action could be taken to address this issue?
*Check for an updated firmware version.

18. Which action should a user take to ensure that personal information that is entered into a website form is not retained on the computer
*Delete the temporary Internet files.

19. A technician is working on a workstation that has an IP address of The technician found that the computer cannot connect to the Internet and the network cable to the computer had been disconnected. Which command can a technician use to get a new IP address once the cable is reconnected?
*ipconfig /renew

20. What are two ways to assign an IP address to a wireless NIC? (Choose two.)
*Assign a static address
*Use DHCP.

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